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Back from the Dead?

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 31st, 2002

WorldCom Plans N-LOS MMDS Trial MMDS, in the 2.500-2.685 Ghz band, provides a wireless alternative to DSL and cable modems. MMDS, at 2.5 GHz, has more bandwith (185 Ghz) than the unlicensed 802.11b band (85 Ghz) but less than the unlicensed 5 Ghz, 802.11a band, (200-300 Ghz bandwidth). WorldCom and Sprint Broadband both own about […]

Wireless Everywhere

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 29th, 2002

Wireless to Go: Portland Community College has wireless computers available for anyone for use in the library. Starting April 1st, you can roam anywhere in the building. The library uses a scanner system to prevent thefts. Seattle’s Best Coffee at Portland State provides free 802.11b access AND will loan you a FREE Sony wireless laptop. […]

Easter Eggs and Geocaching

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 29th, 2002

Easter Holiday Specials! If biting off the heads off candy bunnies isn’t your thing, you might try the Easter Egg Archive. David and Annette Wolf offered these top 10 software Easter eggs to PC Magazine columnist, David Coursey: 10. Windows NT Programmers in the Screen Saver 9. Windows 95 Product Team 8. Windows NT Favorite […]

Mozilla and Star Office Born Again

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 28th, 2002

Free, Free, Everything Free! The much anticipated StarOffice 6.0 won’t be released until May but StarOffice 6.0 for Linux is available now for download if you’re a Mandrake Linux Club Member. It’s comprised of five distinct components: StarOffice Writer (wordprocessor); StarOffice Calc (spreadsheet); StarOffice Impress (multimedia presentation); StarOffice Draw (3D graphics); StarOffice Adabas (database). The […]

CenterScan and Sony Team Up

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 28th, 2002

Big Bucks for CenterSpan Hillsboro-based CenterSpan, after buying peer-to-peer pioneer,, has announced $5 mil in equity financing and an agreement with Sony Music Entertainment. Sony will providing music to online service providers that want to offer secure, cost-effective downloadable and streaming music to their subscriber base. This non-exclusive agreement marks the first time Sony […]

Mapping on Handhelds and Cellphones

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 28th, 2002

Maps on the Move E-City Software, a mapping technology for handhelds is moving to cellphones – in “3D”. The 3D views of streets, buildings and points of interest in major metropolitan cities making map reading more intuitive. Their current list of 3D City Maps includes; Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, DC, […]