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Single chip 802.lla radio

Posted by Sam Churchill on April 29th, 2002

Start-up Bermai is close to sampling an 802.11a radio on a single chip. It will come with hooks for an 802.11b RF front-end as well for upcoming 802.11g radios. Other 802.11a solutions, including those from Atheros, use at least two chips – one for the RF section and one for an integrated baseband/MAC. Bermai’s chip […]

Arrays in Space

Posted by Sam Churchill on April 27th, 2002

On the road and out of 3G range? Try satellites. Mobile satellite internet access like StarBand and HughesNet are home-based solutions. Mobile rigs need specially approved mobile dishes provided by companies like Motosat, Swe-dish and Tachyon that cost about $5,000. How about a building your own CubeSat? Many colleges and high schools do. Stanford’s CubeSat […]

PersonalTelco Buying Satellite Truck

Posted by Sam Churchill on April 25th, 2002

The PersonalTelco group hopes to shortly acquire a used satellite truck from KOIN (Channel 6). The Satellite Truck page will serve as the coordination point for all issues pertaining to the vehicle. Erik Walthinsen got the ball rolling and Nigel Ballard has agreed to buy the van itself. Quite a few others have pledged $50 […]

Cross-subsidy for Community LANs? Never mind.

Posted by Sam Churchill on April 25th, 2002

It started with a simple idea: the city of Portland could make money and improve the looks of the neighborhood by moving at least some of the large, unsightly cellular antennas on tall towers to smaller, neighborhood utility poles on the public right of way. The utility poles would be 10-15 feet higher than average […]

Creating Content for Wi-Fi

Posted by Sam Churchill on April 25th, 2002

Wireless LANs might be good candidates for interactive, online training. RealOne goes a step beyond PowerPoint, combining a media player with a rich set of authoring capabilities (demos). It synchs audio, video, PowerPoint slides, graphics and web pages for live and on-demand delivery. A customizable, 3-pane interface allows authors to navigate between: A media playback […]

Airpath’s Hot-Spot-In-A-Box

Posted by Sam Churchill on April 25th, 2002

Airpath’s Hot-Spot-In-A-Box bundles integration and provider neutral roaming in a turnkey solution to allow anyone to quickly create their own wireless Hot Spot. Designed for coffee shops, restaurants, airports and convention centers, Hot-Spot-In-A-Box provides you with a “plug and play” system. All the network equipment required, as well as a comprehensive end user billing solution […]