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Peer to Peer Wireless Networks

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 30th, 2002

Mesh Networking makes audio (or video) files available anywhere, anytime. Each user device acts as a router/repeater for other devices. Hopping through other users reaches network access points not otherwise available. Hopping increases the coverage area by leveraging users as part of the network. The Radiant system is being trialed by the BBC in the […]

Cellular and 4G Systems

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 28th, 2002

Cellular Telephony Cellular telephony (How It Works) requires two channel pairs, one for transmission and one for reception. There are 2 bands for analog cellular (800) Mhz service. The cellular industry is a government-mandated “duopoly”; there are only two 800 Mhz cellular licensees in each of the 734 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and rural service […]

Single chip – Dual Band

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 28th, 2002

Intersil’s GTRAN modem card combines wireless LAN and CDMA connectivity in a PC card. Meanwhile, Zyray Wireless, Airify and others are also shooting for global integration. Nokia’s D-311 card combines GPRS and WLAN networks while Gtran has a PC Card that combines 1xRTT CDMA and 802.11b connectivity. Officers in 140 Pennslvania police cruisers now carry […]

World Con

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 27th, 2002

With World Com’s $4 Billion “accounting error” as our inspiration, let’s review some recent poster boys in the telecommunications racket: Ken Lay: Stepped down in January after Enron tanked. Traded everything from bandwidth to employees’ investments. Benard Ebbers: Resigned in April after SEC began investigation of World Com. Borrowed $366 million for a personal loan. […]

Wireless Photography

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 27th, 2002

Newspapers can push their deadlines to the long now with wireless photography. Pocket Phojo ($500) lets news photographers view, crop and annotate their images on a hand-held like the iPaq or Toshiba e740, then use cellular or Wi-Fi networks to send selected photos to an editor (or friends). The new Sharp SL-A300 Zaurus may be […]

Express Carriers Do It Mobile

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 26th, 2002

Computerworld reports that ABF Freight Systems Inc., Airborne Express and Consolidated Freightways Corp. have all decided that they don’t really need the third-generation (3G) high-speed mobile data hyped by the cellular industry. The companies are deploying current-generation wireless systems to a total of almost 30,000 mobile workers. These companies can’t afford to wait for cellular […]