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Web-enabled Washing Machine

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 30th, 2002

IBM and USA Technologies today announced they will Web-enable 9,000 washing machines and dryers at U.S. colleges and universities. e-Suds-enabled machines will replace traditional coin-operated machines in colleges with a new method that allows students to pay with the swipe of an ID card or the push of a few buttons on a cell phone. […]

Channel 54: Where are You?

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 30th, 2002

The FCC’s UHF auction is on. Winners get 12 MHz on a pair on 6 MHz channels at 710-716 MHz (on UHF channel 54) and 740-746 MHz (on UHF channel 59). These dual (duplex) channels can be used for “3G” cell phones and are called the “C” block by the FCC. Another option is to […]

Radio Free Portland

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 29th, 2002

At last night’s Personal Telco meeting, an individual who works at the City’s Media Services Bureau encoding city hall meetings, told me they are planning to move to MPEG-4. The City uses Real’s Helix servers. Another tidbit: the Portland Police may install MPEG-4 video cameras inside the Light Bars on cruiser rooftops. When the lights […]

Electronic Gas Station

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 28th, 2002

In the distant past, I once thought Telidon Videotext was the cat’s meow. I saw myself becoming an “electronic gas station” attendant. I imagined people would pull up on the information superhighway and I could supply them with maps and other handy local information. This was in 1981. The Web was a decade away, not […]

Intel Dev Forum

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 28th, 2002

Intel’s Developer Forum (preview), beginning September 9th, will likely include the announcement of a new Digital Home Working Group focusing on networking and interoperabilty issues. Intel hopes to gather support for a home networking initiative that combines Microsoft’s Universal Plug and Play with WiFi and 1394 wired networks. Intel’s pitch is likely to be: run […]

Mo Burning Man

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 28th, 2002

Missing out on Burning Man? Today’s Calendar of Events shows what you’re missing. Burning Man’s Theme Camps and Art Installations are always inspirational as are the Art Cars. The connects live. Matt Peterson helps organize the August Playanet. Matt doesn’t have photos of BM yet but here are some from Defcon 2002, and […]