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Thanksgiving Streaming Audios

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 27th, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving! While these links may not have much to do with wireless, they are some of my favorite streaming audio files. Thought you might enjoy them, too. African Drums . Nigerian Drums . Latin Drums . Congas . Taiko . Portland Taiko . The Telegraph . NPR: Edison . Edison: “Hello” . Edison: 12th […]

Sky High Wi-Fi

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 27th, 2002

Telesphere’s prototype Airship, will deliver 802.11b to laptops on the ground located within a 10-mile radius. During the demo, Sanswire intends to randomly deploy a series of laptop computers that will all be interconnected. The balloon-based platform will broadcast the demo live over the Internet from the company’s website on December 11th. The unmanned Stratellite […]

Wi-Fi Backbones for Apartments

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 26th, 2002

USURF America (FAQ), supplys voice and high-speed internet access to apartments using Wi-Fi backbones. The 240 unit, Green Valley Apartments in eastern Colorado Springs, is fully operational. Another development near downtown Denver, with 225 dwelling units will get video and data services in the summer of 2003 via Wi-Fi. The company has an exclusive 15-year […]

Open GIS Applications

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 25th, 2002

ESRI today announced the successful demonstration of ArcIMS software in phase one of the Open Location Services (OpenLS) Testbed Initiative, a program of the Open GIS Consortium. The plan? Provide wireless standards for interoperable location-based services. LBS partners include cellular operators and wireless ISPs. Creating open and scalable applications that can operate seamlessly across the […]

Wireless Parks

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 25th, 2002

City parks have not addressed the needs of a Wireless Society. The New York Times story on Wireless Parks (no registration required, thanks to Google) has an interesting angle: “Walking the streets of New York today means walking amid an unseen tangle of Wi-Fi. The hum of Internet traffic mingles with the jostle of pedestrians. […]

DVD Software Standard

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 25th, 2002

DVD players play movies. Image management software creates slide shows. The Optical Storage Technology Association’s new MPV open software standard hopes to bring them together with a “standardized” slideshow format. Both PCs and DVD players can exchange and playback collections of digital photos, video, and music. Companies supporting the royalty-free MPV standard include Eastman Kodak, […]