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Air Clock

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 31st, 2002

PDA Live reports that AirSpell has an impressive new Palm clock/IR application, called AirClock. It can function as a regular clock/alarm app for your Palm device but it also provides timed remote actions for other IR enabled devices. Alarm not loud enough? Set the AirClock to wake you with your TV or Stereo system in […]

Year in Review

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 31st, 2002

Year-end wrap-ups are as predictable as the rain in Oregon. But I’ve got movies see and intoxicants to consume. No time! So here are a few picks if you just must have a year in review feature. Tim Higgin’s New Wireless Product News PC Magazine’s Best Products of 2002 C/Net Year in Review Features: Gadgets, […]

Wireless Manifesto

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 31st, 2002

Brewster Kahle nailed a Community LAN manifesto a couple years ago with his SF LAN Manifesto: SF LAN Manifesto Bring Moore’s law to Internet bandwidth: 1Mb/sec for $1/month in 10 years. Low-cost megabit ISP built by users, spread like a virus Welcome to the neighborhood: you are on the net. Radio locally, fiber globally. The […]

Wi-Fi Growth Summary

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 29th, 2002

Market researcher Forward Concepts reports that shipments of WLAN products increased more than 100 percent in 2002, and will continue growing as the most charged wireless market performer for the next several years. While average equipment prices overall dropped by almost 28 percent, revenues increased more than 50 percent to $2.6 billion worldwide in 2002. […]

Can Wi-Fi Kill Cellular?

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 29th, 2002

Much has been made of AT&T’s scaled back launch of true 3G (W-CDMA) service in the United States. Instead of launching in 13 major U.S. cities next June, AT&T’s 3G rollout will now be limited to four cities — San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas and San Diego — and won’t be ready until the end of […]

Wi-Fi Card Comparison

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 28th, 2002

While catching up on the BAWUG posts, I ran across a note from Matt Peterson that linked to his photos of Wi-Fi stuff at Comdex. I thought the Intersil display showing different Wi-Fi form factors was particularly interesting so I shamelessly reproduced it below: For my new years resolution I plan to enhance my 300 […]