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Eight consumer electronics companies have joined forces to establish the CE Linux Forum to enhance Linux as the platform for digital consumer electronics applications.

Matsushita and Sony agreed last December to jointly develop an enhanced Linux platform for digital consumer electronic devices. Since then, they have appealed to other companies to create a forum to work together on the initiative.

Six companies have joined the Forum: Hitachi, NEC, Royal Philips, Samsung, Sharp, and Toshiba. IBM is expected to join the forum shortly, according to an announcement.

The Forum will focus on enhancing Linux for consumer applications such as quick start and shutdown, real-time performance, ROM/RAM size reduction and efficiency of power management. Matsushita and Sony will provide the results of their joint work thus far to the Forum for further discussion.

The Forum’s results will be available under a General Public License scheme to broaden access to enhanced Linux for digital consumer electronics and to invite free modification and improvements.

O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention (OSCON), is being held in Portland, Oregon, July 7-11th at the Marriott.

Keynoters include Mitch Kapor and Tim O’Reilly and features a great list of speakers.

Linus Torvalds recently announced he will be working at Beaverton’s Open Software Development Lab. Linux kernel maintainer Andrew Morton has also joined forces with the lab and will be focused exclusively on the 2.6 kernel during its maintenance cycle.

RealNetworks just released the source code to their SMIL 2.0 implementation (along with JPEG, GIF, PNG, and WBMP implementations) as part of the Helix Community initiative, under the OSI-approved RPSL. Helix DNA technology is available under commercial and open source licenses. You can superimpose images on top of video and transition effects between videos, using standard W3C-defined markup. A precompiled release with this code will be coming out soon.

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