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Wireless OS

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 31st, 2003

Software Objects, Inc is providing free project hosting for open-source wireless OS development. For more information, please visit

Meshed Roofnets

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 29th, 2003

Technology Review has a story on MIT’s Roofnet, a mesh networking project creating self-organizing wireless networks with cheap Linux computers and Wi-Fi cards. Each computer and roof-mounted antenna at students’ apartments and MIT buildings is a node on the network (map). The interconnection topology is constantly changing. “We want to understand how a whole bunch […]

Fleishman & Higgins on WDS

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 29th, 2003

Glenn Fleishman has an article on Wireless Distribution Systems on O’Reilly’s Wireless DevCenter. Wireless bridging connects two Access Points together, point to point (or multipoint). Products like the Linksys’ WGA54G Wireless-G Game Adapter and WET 54G Wireless Ethernet Adapter provide wireless bridging to games and computers. Proxim’s Tsunami MP.11 ($300) provides similar bridging for the […]

Intel + South Korea = WiMax

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 29th, 2003

South Korea’s KT Corp. and Intel have agreed to cooperate in wireless telecommunications, digital home networking and broadband convergence network through joint marketing and research and development efforts. The agreement was reached during Intel Chief Executive Craig Barrett’s visit to South Korea. Among the projects slated to be carried out at the research center include […]

Portable Playstation Specs

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 28th, 2003

Although Playstation Portable, known formally as the PSP, won’t be available until the fourth quarter of 2004, it could shake up the handheld market. Specs include: An LCD about 4.5 inches wide, with 480 x 272-dot resolution; a 60-mm-diameter disk system; and a proprietary Sony system called Universal Media Disc (UMD), all powered by the […]

Intel Connects the Dots

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 28th, 2003

EE Times has an interesting story on Intel’s wireless stategy to use CMOS. In early May, Intel Corp.’s chief technology officer, Pat Gelsinger, offered his connect-the-dots vision of a wireless world with ubiquitous, seamless connectivity from network to network and from air interface to air interface. From Wi-Fi to cellular to ultrawideband, Gelsinger’s theoretical nomad […]