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New Year Camphone Coverage

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 31st, 2003

One man holds the key to the room deep under Times Square, where the only sounds are a hissing pipe and a rumbling subway overhead. Behind the blue, padlocked door are the pieces of the New Year’s ball that will mark midnight as it slides 77 feet down a pole atop One Times Square. The […]

No Sharing

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 29th, 2003

Kevin Werback, who was at the FCC’s VoIP Forum, points out that Qwest CEO Dick Notebaert supports treating voice over IP as a largely unregulated “information service” in a Washington Times op-ed. “Qwest is unique among the incumbent local phone giants, since it has a large Internet backbone and business services operation. Still, it’s good […]

PCTEL + Intel + Micro-Star

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 29th, 2003

Internetnews reports that PCTEL and Micro-Star International will bundle PCTEL’s soft access point software with its WLAN devices and PC motherboards. The joint offering converts any PC into an access point that can link several computers through a single broadband connection. Besides eliminating the need for external routers or access points, the companies say the […]

Mad Cow RF-ID

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 29th, 2003

Shares of Minn.-based Digital Angel have doubled since the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Dec. 23 announcement of mad cow disease. Digital Angel’s RF-ID tags, used to track livestock and pets, are suddenly hot. “They have the only [Food & Drug Administration] and USDA-approved implantable microchip in livestock, explains David Talbot, director of Melhado, Flynn & […]

Free USB Client

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 28th, 2003

Don Park writes: A $10 USB wifi client with a $10 rebate! Once [Portland's] PTPnet is built out a little more, people are going to ask “how do I get on PTPnet”? I think its useful to keep an eye on the least expensive solution for client access. A couple weekends ago I saw someone […]

Earthquake First Responders

Posted by Sam Churchill on December 27th, 2003

The magnitude 6.5 Iranian earthquake, hit the historic city of Bam early Friday morning, destroying homes and trapping thousands under the rubble. Death toll from the 12-second earthquake is estimated at 25,000 and it could go much higher. Interior Minister Abdolvahed Moussavi Lari said on state television from Bam, “The city is ruined. More than […]