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Mesh Projects & Gear

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 28th, 2004

Over at open-source mesh pioneer LocustWorld, I discovered that Ultramesh is helping to implement the mesh networking software being installed in NW Louisiana and Stevenson Washington. Here’s a post from Joe Schlick of the Stevenson Wi-Fi Project: “The Stevenson Wi-Fi Project was conceived as a way to promote tourism in the town of Stevenson, Washington, […]

AT&T Bailing from CoMeta?

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2004

WiFi Netnews says AT&T has sent email to customers that the Cometa relationship has ended. “The email says that AT&T Wi-Fi Service will no longer be offered as of yesterday. It implies that it’s service is entirely driven by Cometa, but AT&T operates service through NetNearU and Concourse Communications at the Newark airport. Perhaps that’s […]

Free Geek

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2004

Here’s a story from the front page of the Portland newspaper about an innovative community organization recycling old computers. You can get a computer for free (with instruction) by donating 24 hours of volunteer time to recycle old computers. It’s called Free Geek. Here’s part of the story [edited for brevity from The Oregonian]. Oso […]

The Man Who Invented Television

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2004

“I know that God exists. I know that I have never invented anything. I have been a medium by which these things were given to the culture as fast as the culture could earn them. I give all the credit to God.” –Philo T. Farnsworth Who Invented Television? Sparks of Genius abound. Paul Nipkow’s mechanical […]

Localizing Consensus Plans

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2004

Local governments are facing a decision. They must replace the analog 800 Mhz CDPD networks used by mobile terminals for police and fire. Now they’ve got homeland security checks to do it. What to do? They’ll have to move to more expensive cellular-based GPRS or 1XRTT data networks and pay cellular carriers [perhaps $250K/year] for […]

Freq Consensus?

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 27th, 2004

Verizon Wireless objects to the Nextel Consensus plan that reallocates Nextel’s emergency-radio-band and is calling for regulators to auction the wireless spectrum instead. The FCC is hoping to adopt an order in its 800 megahertz band proceeding by the end of the first quarter “if possible,” said Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Chief John B. Muleta. The […]