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Securing City Clouds

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 31st, 2004

WiFi Planet says when the Department of Defense pulled the plug on allowing Wi-Fi laptops in government offices, a trio of software and hardware vendors created a STORM: Secure, Tough, Online/Offline, Reliable Mobile. However, it was soon discovered such control was not easy with Wi-Fi becoming integrated into new laptops using Intel’s mobile Centrino chipset. […]

Open-source FOAF Nets

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 31st, 2004

From SlashDot: “When Orkut, LinkedIn, Friendster, Zaibatsu and just don’t cut it, meet PeopleAggregator, an open-source, PHP-written, FOAF-based social network. There’s the site and there’s the source in case you decide to launch your own. I found out about PeopleAggregator reading this interview with Mark Canter on Read/Write Web today.”

Barrett Resigns from Qwest Board

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 31st, 2004

Qwest Communications announced the resignation of Craig R. Barrett as a director of the company, effective today. Barrett, the chief executive officer of Intel Corporation, had been a director of Qwest and its predecessor, U S WEST, Inc., since 1998. Barrett became Intel Corporation’s fourth president in May of 1997, and chief executive officer in […]

RF-ID Live!

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 31st, 2004

Deploying RFID technology successfully is the focus of RFID Journal Live!, March 29-31, at the Chicago Hilton Conference in Chicago, has a packed agenda. With large organizations such as Wal-Mart, Tesco and the U.S. Department of Defense now committed to using RFID technology, the focus is shifting from pilots to deployments. The conference, sponsored by […]

Giant’s Stadium Hotspot

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 31st, 2004

“We’ve created one of the largest, if not the largest, hot spot in the world,” says Larry Baer, San Francisco Giants’ executive vice president and chief operating officer. The Giants claim SBC Park is “the first stadium with wireless Internet access”, although many others claim that distinction. Starting April 12 with its home opener, Giants […]

VoIP on Windows CE

Posted by Sam Churchill on March 30th, 2004

Microsoft said Wednesday that 22 major manufacturers, including NEC and LG Electronics, intend to create Internet phones with the newest version of Windows CE, a stripped-down version of the Windows operating system intended for handheld devices and set-top boxes. The new CE software, version 5, contains much improved technology for making phone calls on the […]