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T-Mobile’s News Express

Posted by Sam Churchill on July 31st, 2004

T-Mobile has launched a mobile newsstand, delivering content twice daily to handsets, and plans to introduce more branded titles next year. News Express consists of four channels carrying news, sports, weather and entertainment, which are refreshed twice a day, at 8am and 5pm, with additional ad-hoc breaking news delivered on top. The interactive reports are […]

Panoramic EventCam

Posted by Sam Churchill on July 30th, 2004 , Canon U.S.A., and Kaidan, have been using Kaidan’s EventCam to capture and publish 360-degree interactive panoramic images from the Democratic National Convention in Boston and will use it at the upcoming Republican National Convention in New York City. Leonard M. Apcar, editor in chief,, said, “This innovative technology allows to use […]

Open Source News

Posted by Sam Churchill on July 30th, 2004

Some 1,500 OSCON 2004 attendees were treated to literally hundreds of presentations. Some highlights: Tim O’Reilly’s keynote talked about the Open Source Paradigm Shift and said the network, not necessarily hardware or open software, was the thing. Here are some clips. The Stonehenge Party had over 1,000 people show up at Bar 71 in Portland. […]

Police Commandeer 2.4 GHz

Posted by Sam Churchill on July 30th, 2004

Lockheed Martin today announced that it has received formal technical acceptance from the City of Garland, Texas, for deployment of the NexGen City NexLink wireless broadband communications network. NexGen City says it allows IEEE Standard 802.xx (both WiMax and WiFi) communications on its NexLink Network and municipal workers have the option of using either the […]

Wireless Utility Poles

Posted by Sam Churchill on July 30th, 2004

WiFi Netnews and Engadget link to a story in NY Times and the NY Post on plans by New York City to let companies put cellphone antennas and WiFi access points on top of lampposts, traffic signals, and highway signs. Nextel and T-Mobile plan to lease space for cellphone services. ClearLinx Network Corp., Crown Castle […]

Secure Tunneling with PocketPCs

Posted by Sam Churchill on July 29th, 2004

Wireless-enabled devices devices tend to be less secure than their wired counterparts. Two Pocket PC, SSH clients are reviewed here, PocketPutty and OpenSSH CE. Both are free. They can be downloaded from several sites on the Internet and will improve security of remote access and data transfer. PockeTTY, is another commercial SSH product. Rob Flickenger […]