4G Goes Ballistic

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Flarion, the “4G” startup with a headstart on 802.20, has confirmed to Unstrung that it has secured a Flash-OFDM trial deployment at Telstra, Australia s largest wireless carrier.

Details of the deal remain sketchy, with both parties unable to disclose specifics.

Flarion seems to be on a roll:

If Nextel Gets 1.9 GHz from the FCC today, then new 700MHz and 800 MHz will open for public service use and the PCS band will open for Nextel who may (or may not) provide “4G” service using Flarion.

Verizon will see them in court. Since Verizon committed billions to EV-DO, it will take their voice frequencies out. EV-DO might have a tough time competing with 1Mbps everywhere, which does voice and data at low cost. Part of the reason, apparently, is SS7 (Signaling System 7), the telecommunications protocol used by cell companies. It’s inefficent, using a “heartbeat” synchronous signal that consumes network bandwidth even when there’s no signal and duplex frequencies, which can waste channel capacity. “4G” is like Ethernet — the need for proprietary equipment is lessened. Microcells could eventually be closer to hot spots in simplicity, cost and convenience. In a few years metropolitan fiber could feed $1,000, “802.16e micro cells” everywhere.

In the past, “spectrum caps” have limited US wireless carriers to 45 MHz of spectrum in major urban centres, but beginning in January 2003, carriers now are no longer subject to any absolute ceiling on spectrum. They can now combine with one another as long as general competition laws are complied with. This has resulted in consolidation in the mobile wireless market in the US.

New York City’s $1B city-cloud could be a showcase for “4G”. It must be stopped.

The metro cloud — and the battle for airspace — is about to go ballistic.

D-Day has arrived.

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