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WPA-2 Certification for Broadcom, Atheros, etc.

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 31st, 2004

Several WiFi products obtained official WPA2 certification by the WiFi Alliance today. WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2), is based upon the 802.11i amendment to the 802.11 standard, which was ratified on July 29, 2004. The primary difference between WPA and WPA2 is that WPA2 uses a more advanced encryption technique called AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), […]

Philadelphia Plans $10M City Cloud

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 31st, 2004

For about $10 million, the city of Philadelphia believes they can turn all 135 square miles of the city into a giant hot spot (recent articles). The ambitious plan, now in the works, would involve placing hundreds, or maybe thousands of hotspots around the city — probably atop lampposts. Each would be capable of communicating […]

Ericsson changes its bluetooth involvement

Posted by Don Park on August 31st, 2004

Ericsson is changing its involvement in the bluetooth industry it almost single-handedly created. According to this Comms Design story , Ericsson is letting go of its technology licencing group. The potential of bluetooth was revolutionary when it was first revealed. It was going to be a $5 component that would end up in almost every […]

Sputnik Manages FreeNet Cloud

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 31st, 2004

SoCalFreeNet, a 250-member San Diego wireless users group providing free internet access, is using Sputnik software and hardware to power a growing network of access nodes in and around San Diego. “We intend to expand free wireless access across San Diego,” said SoCalFreeNet president Lee Barken, who, in addition to his volunteer work with SoCalFreeNet, […]

HotSpot Amsterdam

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 31st, 2004

WiFiNetNews reports that Amsterdam is planning a WiFi city cloud. HotSpot Amsterdam, will surpass other Amsterdam WiFi nodes, with some 125 base stations planned to cover all of Amsterdam: WiFiNetNews says; The company is mainly targeting expats, students, and people who share accommodation. Those types of residents may be reluctant to have DSL or cable […]

Charter Cable Goes VoIP

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 31st, 2004

Telephony Magazine says Charter Communications has announced deals with Sprint and Level 3 to provide long-distance and local VoIP service, as well as a provisioning contract with Accenture, giving it the last key components necessary for a nationwide deployment of IP telephony. Charter, which counts Microsoft founder Paul Allen among its major owners and investors, […]