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Free city-sponsored broadband wireless could come at a price; ubiquitous surveillence. Imagine the incentive to a city – any city – if their revenue could jump 400% or more. With automated traffic violation cameras.

Wipro Technologies, today announced that it is partnering US based American Traffic Solutions, the leading technology and business solutions provider of electronic toll & traffic management technologies and services. It’s building the next generation Axsis Violation Processing System (Axsis VPS).

Axsis LIVE allows the user to record violation event segments and replay them later for police or court purposes. The LIVE option is in addition to high resolution digital color still vilation images. Any direction of travel can be viewed live or recorded video can be recalled later for court or police purposes.

Success, however, may not measured by the number of lives saved or accidents reduced but by the amount of revenue generated, according to speedcameras.org. Camera enforcement is all too often about power, authority, and money.

Beaverton, Oregon installed automated traffic violation cameras – and reduced the timing of the yellow caution light a few seconds. That made LOTS of money for the city – which denied it. A Portland television reporter showed them the evidence and government officials reset the yellow lights to standard timing.

It may not be an isolated incident. In the UK, the government’s guidelines for erecting traffic cameras says that the location must have had at least four fatal and serious collisions in the last three calendar years. However, the Association of British Drivers has revealed this is not the case. Cameras were placed where there was absolutely no history of accidents.

A study by crime reduction charity NACRO found the technology reduced crime by only 3 percent to 4 percent while better street lighting led to a 20 percent reduction.

The vision of cameras watching your every move is close to becoming a reality. According to statistics, the average citizen in the UK is caught on CCTV cameras 300 times a day. There are 25 million CCTV cameras in operation worldwide, with 2.5 million in the UK.

The UK could “sleepwalk into a surveillance society” as a result of ID cards and other plans, UK information commissioner Richard Thomas has warned. Britain is the most-watched nation in the world. Cameras loom over city centers, shopping malls, train stations, university grounds, public parks, beaches, airports, offices and schools. Smartcards, due to replace paper-based rail, bus and ferry tickets will feed the State Government an unprecedented level of data on users’ favoured travel routes, destinations and times.

Remote cameras can transmit MPEG-2 audio and video wirelessly. Belkin’s AV55000 PureAV RemoteTV uses a proprietary wireless system from Magis Networks that provides a 350 foot operating range. The transmitter real-time encodes and sends audio and video from a source component such as a camera, digital video recorder, DVD/CD player, etc to the receiver, which is connected to a TV. The system provides standard-definition TV (SDTV) using MPEG-2 encoding and supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video formats. Component Video, S-Video, and Composite Video and standard stereo audio connectors are provided on both the transmitter and receiver ($499.99).

Meanwhile, citizens in Coventry England will soon be able to get the latest news on traffic, safety and community events – on lampposts.

The city is to be the first to operate a new type of electronic board which receives messages using mobile-phone technology. The boards will be attached to lamp-posts and can be updated round the clock by someone typing in messages on a remote computer.

Street-broadcast Ltd will replace 250 lampposts in return for being allowed to put up illuminated advertising on them. The city council has already made 11,700 profit over six months from the first 41 of those lamppost hoardings which have gone up. OnAir Entertainment is a premium full-scale media system designed for Wi-Fi Hot Spots available at major airports and leading hotels.

Other sites that create speed camera maps and monitor the surveillence network include SpeedCameras.org UK Speed Cameras, UK Speedtrap Guide,fighting-speeding-tickets.net, The Transportation Communications Newsletter and motorists.com.

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