Nokia & TI: Single Chip Phone

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Texas Instruments has sealed a deal with Nokia to incorporate TI’s single-chip cellular phone technology into future handsets.

In development since 2002, the DRP integrates the bulk of handset electronics on a single chip, including digital baseband, SRam, logic, RF, power management and analog functions.

The first version of the single-chip offering, which sampled in December 2004 and was developed through TI’s 90nm CMOS manufacturing process, targets the mass-market voice-centric marketplace. By adopting the technology for its future mobile phones, Nokia said it hopes to increase its market share in the high-volume entry-level mobile phone sector.

Currently, mobile phone use numerous chips to control functions like sending and receiving radio frequencies, managing power and overseeing the phone’s basic computing functions.

TI plans to have their single chip product widely available by the middle of 2006, making it the first major manufacturer to produce an integrated cellphone chip for the mass market, according to industry analysts.

Mobile-phone design, explains CommsDesign, is in the middle of a dizzying switcheroo. A state-of-the-art phone isn’t really a phone anymore-it’s a 5-megapixel digital camera, a slim digital camcorder or a high-quality portable music player that tucks in a phone as a value-added feature.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, January 24th, 2005 at 1:17 am .

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