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Alvarion today announced the BreezeMAX Si, a self-installable, indoor WiMAX-ready customer premises equipment (CPE).

It’s based on the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard and uses Intel’s 5116 WiMax chip. Available for customer trials later this year, the BreezeMAX Si is being demonstrated at the WCA annual show, June 29-30, in Washington, D.C.

The BreezeMAX Si is said to be a WiMAX standard-based solutions that can be quickly deployed. In addition, it enables centrally provisioned, portable connectivity for subscribers to use the CPE in various points within the network coverage and re-connect to the service after moving from one location to another.





The BreezeMAX Si is said to combine easy plug-and-play CPE installation and relocation with the performance and reliability. This new indoor CPE, together with outdoor CPEs, offers carriers optimization of their network planning by trading-off coverage, capacity and installation costs. With the elimination of professional installation, this self-install unit enables carriers to vary their distribution channels to best fit their business models.

Features of the BreezeMAX Si include:

  • WiMAX-ready technology with Intel PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface chip 
  • Six-element beam switching antenna design, providing 360 degree coverage with iFAS – intelligent Fast Antenna Selection algorithm that ensures instant selection of best antenna, interference immunity and reduced signal fading 
  • OFDM and OFDMA radio technology for improved indoor penetration and NLOS operation 
  • Central provisioning and authentication architecture that enables immediate connectivity at any point of coverage within the BreezeMAX network 
  • Quick installation using SIM card or user-friendly installation utility. End user can self-install the BreezeMAX Si CPE and get broadband connectivity instantly.


Alvarion previously launched its WiMAX-ready BreezeMAX 3500 (in the 3.5 Ghz band) and had live demonstration of triple play services with a WiMAX-ready CPE using the Intel PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface, showcased in April of this year. “BreezeMAX Si represents another significant achievement in Alvarion realizing its WiMAX vision of broadband everywhere. It’s small, attractive shape contains the most advanced WiMAX technology on the market today making it easy to deploy and easy to use,” said Zvi Slonimsky, CEO of Alvarion.

Once equipment is certified and hits the mainstream, 30% of the world’s broadband connections will be done using WiMax, predicts Carlton O’Neal, a VP of marketing at Alvarion and a member of the WiMax Forum, an organization formed to promote and certify WiMax equipment.

“As WiMax becomes a mainstream technology it will be used by phone companies, cable companies, mobile wireless carriers, utility companies, enterprises, and many more,” O’Neal says.


WiMax System Performance
Range 4-6 miles > 6 miles




Meanwhile, Wavesat, the first out of the gate with a WiMax chip (this January), today introduced a 208 pin BGA (ball grid array) package option for its Evolutive WiMAX DM256 Family of Products. It is said to be the smallest package currently available for 802.16-2004 compliant chips. The DM256 BGA package significantly reduces area size, providing OEM’s & ODM’s with an ideal WiMAX tool for small form-factor applications.

Wavesat will team with nex-G Systems, to incorporate Wavesat’s WiMAX chipset, the Evolutive DM256, as part of nex-G Horizon 802.16-2004 product platform for the unlicensed 5.8 GHz band. nex-G is planning to conduct field trials this summer. Meanwhile, Zarlink Semiconductor and Wavesat demonstrated circuit-switched traffic over WiMAX, carrying E1 and T1 services across a WiMAX connection, using CESoP technology.

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