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Senate testimony (pdf & video).

My name is Charlie Townsend and I am the President and Founder of Aloha Partners. I have been in the telecommunications industry for the past 25 years and have been President of three cellular companies and one cable TV company.I founded, expanded and eventually sold two of the three cellular companies. About five years ago, I concluded that the wireless broadband business had the potential to be as successful as the cellular telephone business is today.

However, the key to that success will be the spectrum that is used to deliver the service. I believe that 700MHz is the optimum spectrum to deliver wireless broadband. As a result, I founded Aloha Partners in 2001 and was the largest buyer of licenses in the original 700MHz auction.

Aloha has invested over $100 million in 700 MHz licenses. It is now the largest 700 MHz licensee, holding licenses that cover over 175 million people, roughly 60 percent of the United States population.

Aloha has been actively evaluating potential uses for 700 MHz spectrum for the past three years and is planning on launching several market trials in the next twelve months. Aloha also has been approached by a number of Fortune 500 companies about potential joint ventures and uses of its spectrum.


On Jan. 1, 2009, analog broadcasting will end in the United States. The National Journal, Lee Woods and Tom’s Hardware have more.

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