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MDA IV PocketPC Phone

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 31st, 2005

The MDA Pro is here (at least in Europe), proclaims PocketPC Thoughts which has a review: Available from T-Mobile Deutschland from September 1, [the MDA Pro], a mini notebook, is one of the first mobile devices worldwide to integrate the three technologies W-LAN (Wireless Local Area Network), UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and GPRS (General […]

Digital Shortwave

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 31st, 2005

The BBC World Service (pr), has announced it will be among the first in the world to broadcast digitally over shortwave radio. They will use a standard called Digital Radio Mondiale (Wikipedia), which covers the international broadcasting bands below 30 MHz. DRM is a new digital radio standard, specifically designed for use the narrow and […]

LinksysInfo: 60K Users

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 30th, 2005

LinksysInfo has a great website featuring free firmware for the Linksys WRT54G family of access points with downloads, news and forums. They now have 60,000 registered users after less then 18 months. We have just hit a new all time high with 60,000 + users who have taken the time to register with LinksysInfo. […]

Open ITV

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 30th, 2005

Satellite provider EchoStar has launched a mosaic video application (showcase) that will enable viewers to watch six TV thumbnailed video channels and access an interactive menu concurrently, reports CED Magazine. Powered by OpenTV set-top software, the mosaic and interactive elements, offered on channel 100, follow some earlier work with the technology by EchoStar. In 2004, […]

Softbank Adds Hotspots in Japan

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 30th, 2005

Japanese Internet group Softbank, which provides Japan’s Yahoo broadband service, will offer subscribers “hot spot” service at train stations and other locations starting this October, reports the AP. Softbank will integrate its WiFi network with that of its subsidiary Japan Telecom, which it bought in 2004, to offer a single service called BB Mobile Point […]

NextWeb Expands

Posted by Sam Churchill on August 30th, 2005

Fremont, Calif.-based NextWeb, which provides service to more than 2,500 businesses in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, recently raised $3.5 million in new financing to fund expansion. Today it’s doing it. NextWeb said they will buy 1st Universe to strengthen its network, and prepare for WiMAX. NextWeb claims the deal is the largest […]