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Dvorak: Muni WiFi Will Die

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 30th, 2005

Municipal WiFi efforts are unlikely to survive, says John Dvorak. Every few months we seem to hear about another initiative by a U.S. city to deploy free wireless Internet access. The latest entry, New Orleans, is still struggling just to get the lights back on, months after Hurricane Katrina caused massive flooding, destruction and death. […]

IMS: HP’s Backdoor Play

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 30th, 2005

Hewlett-Packard announced today a new software product and a multimedia service to help carriers provide “triple-play” services of voice, video and data. Pricing wasn’t immediately available. The software-based media server, the HP OpenCall Media Platform Media Resource Function (MRF), is designed to support advanced multimedia and interactive services in Internet Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks. IMS […]

Selling Out Local TV

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 30th, 2005

Dean Vernon Wormer: “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Making money: It’s the reason commercial TV broadcasters exist, explains Television Broadcast Magazine. DTV multicasts can be akin to getting a second or even a third broadcast license (or more when there’s no HDTV programming). However, they will only pay […]

Intel Moving on Movies

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 30th, 2005

Intel, the bastion of WiMax hype, announced today that it is partnering with movie, music, and game providers around the world to introduce its Viiv technology for home media centers. Viiv-enabled PC’s, which won’t be out until next year, let consumers download content from the Internet. Movielink, the movie download service, and British Sky Broadcasting […]

Fujitsu Demos WiMax IPTV

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 30th, 2005

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) announced the successful demonstration of IP-based video-on-demand application at the Wireless Broadband Forum in Cambridge, UK. The solution combined FME’s AXEL-F, ETHOS and WiMAX devices to deliver a high-resolution video-stream from a server across optical and wireless networks to an end user. The demonstration network was developed to comply fully with […]

Skyhook Location-WiFi to 70 Cities

Posted by Sam Churchill on November 30th, 2005

Skyhook Wireless today announced that it has expanded its network roll-out to now include uninterrupted coverage in the 70 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Skyhook is promoting the use of their Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), a wide-area positioning system leveraging Wi-Fi, rather than satellite or cell tower-based technologies. The Skyhook Wireless works using a database of […]