Gigapixel Imaging

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According to Mark Shubin (who knows about these things), NTSC offers, at best, about 440×480 resolution, roughly 0.2 megapixels (Mpel). HDTV, in the 720p version, is about 1 Mpel, and 1080i (depending on how you count line averaging) about 2 Mpel.

Again, depending on how you count, the ARRI D20 is 6 Mpel, the Dalsa Origin is 8 Mpel, and the Panavision Genesis is 12 Mpel.

NHK’s UDTV (ultrahigh-definition) system is 32 Mpel. Now try wrapping your mind around the idea of 128 times more pixels than that!

This EE Times story describes a camera that would take a video wall of 10,000 television screens or 600 prints from a professional digital SLR camera to capture. The image could be seen 20-feet wide with the sharpness of a typical 6×4 photograph (when viewed from one foot away). That’s what’s contained in a single Gigapxl exposure.

The Gigapixel Project is compiling a photo of North America. Some of the nearly 1,200 images that have been collected so far can be viewed at

Here’s a 360 degree panorama from the top of Mt Everest and a one Gig Panoscan. DailyWireless related stories include iGrid 2005, 360 Degree Surveillence and How To Spend Your Homeland Security Check.

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