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Josh Bancroft of Tinyscreenfuls.com has a great talk on Podcasting from Mobile Devices (mp3) at the recent IT Conversations conference called Podcast Academy.

You can download the MP3 file directly (16MB, 35 minutes), or subscribe to the TinyPodcast feed in your favorite podcast aggregator (iTunes, Juice, etc.).

His How Tos

Here’s what Doug Kaye had to say about Tinyscreenfuls.com

Great podcasts come from having great content, not expensive equipment. With some basic kit and knowledge anyone can produce a show. The Podcast Academy was created with the idea of sharing information so that as many people as possible can get their audio online.

In this session from the first Podcast Academy, which was organized by The Conversations Network, Josh Bancroft talks about podcasting with the absolute minimum hardware. He discusses how to record using a cellphone, PDA or MP3 player. With the knowledge that Josh shares you will be able to podcast from just about anywhere.

Bancroft who i’ve never met but is a fellow Portlander says the Dell Axim X50 is a good machine in that the headphone jac can also act as line input.

Examples of Mobile Devices for Podcasting

  • Cell Phones
    • Services like AudioBlogs and K7.net.
    • Recording directly to the phone for transfer to PC later.
  • Pocket PC/PDA Hardware and Apps
    • Dell Axim X50 – Great built-in mic, supports Bluetooth headset profile, plugging an external mic into the headphone jack for recording.
    • Resco Audio Recorder for Pocket PC – Record to WAV, MP3, etc. Very configurable and full-featured.
  • Treo 650/PalmOS PDAs

The UTStarcom F1000 Wi-Fi Phone connects to Wi-Fi hotspots while the Skype 2.0 features video conferencing for PC users.

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