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Trashing NAPLPS

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 24th, 2006

It’s moving day here at the DailyWireless tower. Posting will be light as we pack up for new digs by the river. Twenty year old Byte magazines and the flotsam and jetsom accumulated over years cause one to pause and reflect…before tossing it out. Change is good. Still, I hated to toss out my NAPLPS […]

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 23rd, 2006

How does DailyWireless keep up with wireless news and trends? It’s no mystery. We use the same newsreaders, search engines and blog news trackers that everyone else does. One key advantage — we read LOTS of trade publications. We LOVE trade publications. DailyWireless subscribes to more than a dozen. We also spend hours reading trade […]

DirecTV Quinella?

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 23rd, 2006

Carlo at TechDirt notes: DirecTV’s been talking for a while about its idea to create a nationwide broadband wireless network. It’s supposed to detail its plans sometime before the end of March, having already said it was in talks with rival Echostar about partnering on the network. But in a Wall Street Journal article today […]

Second WiMax Lab Announced

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 22nd, 2006

The WiMAX Forum announced today, a second WiMAX certification test lab, the first in Asia and likely to be the first lab to conduct certification tests for Mobile WiMAX gear. Working in close collaboration with the Korean government and Cetecom Laboratories in Spain, the WiMAX Forum named Telecommunications Technology Association’s (TTA) IT Testing & Certification […]

Solar Powered Cloud

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 22nd, 2006

Accatel is now installing 90 Strix OWS nodes for an initial network deployment, to support 10,000 voice subscriber lines in an eight-square-mile area of Chittagong, a port city of Bangladesh, with 3.5 million people. Stage 2 of the deployment, which will roll out 6-12 months after Stage 1, will add 15-20,000 voice subscriber lines. Within […]

Developing Cityware In Bath

Posted by Sam Churchill on February 22nd, 2006

A $2.78 million (1.6m pound) wireless computing trial in the historic city of Bath, England is being undertaken with a government research funding body the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)and a group of universities and companies including Vodafone, Nokia and IBM. Dubbed the Cityware project, the aim of the trial, which is being […]