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Free & Fee MuniFi at Intel

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 30th, 2006

Paul Butcher, Intel’s North American Marketing Manager for State and Local Government, has an opinion piece in GovTech Magazine this month. It’s an effective counterpoint to the “free for all” pitch, currently fashionable among many municipalities looking at wireless networks for their cities. If you are familiar with Intel’s Digital Community initiative and the great […]

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 30th, 2006

In 1996, a fleet of electric cars began to hit the road in the United States. They were leased to drivers for about $500 a month. They were ground up for scap just a few years later. Only a few are left today. Who Killed the Electric Car chronicles the vehicle’s demise. The director of […]

Anaheim Turns On

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 30th, 2006

Officials from Anaheim, California and EarthLink “cut the cord” on their $5.5 million wireless network, yesterday, reports the OC Register. Holding the cable’s dangling ends were Garry Betty, president and CEO of EarthLink, which will run the $5 million network, and Ronald Sege, president and CEO of Tropos Networks, which provided WiFi mesh gear mounted […]

WiMAX On Wheels

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 29th, 2006

Intel revealed its next-generation WiMAX silicon device at WCA 2006 today, a dual-mode chipset that will work in both 802.16d and 802.16e modes. Intel Mobility Group Vice President Scott Richardson said the new device will be bit compatible with its predecessor, Rosedale, and will be the first to integrate Intel’s global WiMAX radio chip. According […]

I-Spatial Electronic Compass

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 29th, 2006

“When other location-based service providers such as GeoVector announce that they are the ‘holy grail’ of local search, we have to ask — if the holy grail has never been found, then how good can their search technology really be?” says Chris Frank, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Spatial Technologies. Intelligent Spatial Technologies says their […]

Wyden Blocks Telecom Vote

Posted by Sam Churchill on June 29th, 2006

Calling a telecommunications bill passed by the U.S. Senate “badly flawed” because it does not include an outright ban on Internet tolls, Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), put a “hold” on the bill late Wednesday unless clear language is included banning the phone companies from establishing Internet tolls. M. President, the major telecommunications legislation reported today […]