Midnight in the Garden

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This place is fantastic; it’s like “Gone With The Wind” on mescaline. They walk imaginary pets here, Garland—on a fucking leash. And they’re all heavily armed and drunk. New York is boring!
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

A “Blogmobile” plys the streets of New York City enabling the public to carry on Internet conversations with celebrities, reports TechWeb.

The van is equipped with several PCs for users who communicate with celebrities via blog portal. “We’re proving the concept of mobile Wi-Fi,” said Frank Matarazzo, president of Telkonet’s Microwave Satellite unit, in an interview Thursday. “It’s cost-prohibitive today, but it won’t be in the future.”

Subscribers utilize individual clouds as they move about the city. “The service ‘hands-off’ just like cell phone service,” said Matarazzo. “We’re proving a concept ” that we can create citywide Wi-Fi from the rooftops of buildings.” Interactive Wifi provides the wifi “hot zones.”

NuVisions created the wireless backhaul and Wi-Fi connections for the ChatWithAStar.com vehicle. “Celebrities” available for online chat range from athletes like Billy Wagner of the New York Mets and boxer Gerry Cooney to Ms. Universe Zuleyka Rivera. The celebrity interaction portal was founded by sports author Burton Rocks.

In related news, Poynter says Live Blogging is a Citizen Journalism Opportunity.

Maybe event coverage is a prime opportunity for news organizations and bloggers to collaborate.

Imagine there’s a major festival or convention happening in your city. What if you found out which local bloggers were attending, and asked them to post live or wrap-up coverage (text, audio, photos, video, etc.).

If wifi isn’t available in the event area, you could focus on mobile blogging from cell phones and pagers (“moblogging”). Also, you could publish a blog or wiki to aggregate this coverage — so bloggers could post to their own blogs, but you could present it in an easy-to-find way.

Jeff Jarvis says, “Journalism will become more collaborative — because it can, thanks to new tools; because it must, thanks to new business realities; and because it should, to build a new and respectful relationship with the public. So our challenge is to find the ways to help this happen. Jarvis says Saving journalism (and killing the press) is manditory in the age of Craig Newmark.

NewAssignment.net is a new approach to networked journalism. And who better to get the ball rolling than Jay Rosen:

The site uses open source methods to develop good assignments and help bring them to completion; it employs professional journalists to carry the project home and set high standards so the work holds up. There are accountability and reputation systems built in that should make the system reliable. The betting is that (some) people will donate to works they can see are going to be great because the open source methods allow for that glimpse ahead.

Free Mobile Blog Software for mobile blogging, is available using Melodeo, Shozu, SplashBlog, VoiceIndigo, YouTube and Spodradio. Journalism resources are available at Columbia Journalism Review, CRJ Daily, Paid Content, Online Journalism Review, Poynter, Transom, This American Life, and The Media Giraffe Conference.

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As Ed put it:

“The answer, Dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”
—William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

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