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Motorola: It’s All About ME

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 31st, 2006

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone. Motorola announced today broader Java ME […]

Comments on 700 MHz Spectrum Sharing?

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 31st, 2006

Jeffrey Silva of RCR News says after six months, the FCC has put Cyren Call’s plan for sharing 700 MHZ out for comment: Six months after receiving Cyren Call’s plan for a public-safety wireless broadband network the private sector would build and share with first responders, the FCC is now asking for public comment on […]

Phantom of the Opera

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 31st, 2006

Pity comes too late, turn around and face your fate: An eternity of this before your eyes! — The Phantom LikeTelevision, the vintage television and movie site, is showing The Phantom of the Opera. This early silent film made in 1925 stars Lon Chaney as the Phantom. Search Engine Journal has more Halloween treats. Speaking […]

XM-4 Gets Up

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 31st, 2006

Sea Launch successfully delivered an XM-4 broadcast satellite to geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) yesterday. Early data indicate the spacecraft is accurately positioned and in excellent condition. The XM Satellite, a Boeing 702, carries a high-power S-band Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS) payload provided by Alcatel Alenia Space. Like the three XM satellites currently in orbit, […]

60GHz Comes Home

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 31st, 2006

C/Net reports that several leading consumer electronics companies are working together to develop a new standard for transmitting high-definition audio and video signals wirelessly. The WirelessHD interface would enable high-speed streaming of audio and video content at 60 GHz between televisions, DVD players, games and other portable devices. The group plans to release the specification […]

Voice over BreezeMAX

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 30th, 2006

Alvarion, today announced the availability of primary voice services over WiMAX, enabled by the latest edition of Alvarion’s BreezeMAX, a WiMAX Certified system. Delivering primary voice services using existing infrastructure allows incumbents and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) to adopt WiMAX as their basic network strategy, says Alvarion. They claim to be the first commercial […]