Boston Turns On

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“We said we would move quickly and we have,” proclaimed Boston Mayor Menino. “The Boston Wireless Initiative is up and running.” Three new (free) public wireless Internet access points, including one that will blanket roughly a square mile of the Roxbury neighborhood, will serve as a model for the rest of Menino’s planned citywide WiFi network, reports the Boston Globe.

Mayor Thomas Menino today announced the city’s wireless initiative, built by Galaxy Internet, a municipal internet company, and using SkyPilot wireless gear, will be available for business people, tourists, and residents who visit the area. A mayoral task force recently recommended Boston designate a nonprofit to build the citywide network. It would act as a wholesale Internet provider.

Galaxy Internet Services and SkyPilot, donated the service and equipment. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 103 (IBEW) donated time and labor for the radio installation to provide the free service area.

“The downtown locations will help boost economic growth by making the city an even more attractive place to work and visit,” Mayor Menino said.

Boston will create a nonprofit corporation to provide their city-wide WiFi Cloud, unlike many other municipalities, reports The Boston Globe. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino unveiled the plan (pdf), hatched by the Mayor’s Task Force on Wireless in Boston. Boston is proposing a wholesale network, built by the city and sold to retailers who will deliver a variety of services.

The Wi-Fi network coverage will include Boston’s downtown area and be available to Boston residents, businesses, and visitors.

The downtown wireless system will utilize SkyPilot’s SkyGateways and SkyExtender DualBands, similar to gear used in the ad-supported networks now being built in Portland, Oregon and Silicon Valley.

Foster City expects to have MetroFi coverage in 95 percent of all outdoor and indoor locations throughout the 3.8 sq mile town of 30,000.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, October 16th, 2006 at 3:26 am .