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Gizmodo says Google’s recent updates to GMail Mobile are making it easier and faster to check your GMail from your cell phone. Google’s email application is free (carrier mobile data charges may still apply). It is currently compatible with all J2ME-enabled phones in the U.S. and works with a variety of carrier service plans.

The application pre-fetches your e-mail automatically and lets you view attachments like PDFs, images, and Word files from your cell phone.

MobileCrunch likes it.

While limited to Java-enabled phones (still a significant percentage of all phones made today), the newly updated Gmail Mobile features hot keys to speed navigation and the ability to perform other tasks commonly done using PC-based Gmail such as marking mail read or unread, composing a new message and jumping to your inbox. You need to navigate to the installation link using the WAP (Services) browser for the program to install correctly and work. If you use the Web browser it will appear to install ok, but fail to launch.

Sprint already has plans for pre-installing the app on some of its new phones, otherwise you’ll need a Java-enabled phone to run the app.

In related news, Google’s new RSS reader also now has a mobile interface (Google Blog). In Google’s mobile RSS Reader, you’re presented first with your “reading list,” the nine most recent stories to come in to your feeds. You can select one from pressing its number. You’ll get a special lightweight display of the story instead of the fully loaded page.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 at 10:35 am .

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