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C/Net has an interesting article on Mobkastr, an interactive text messaging system used by the Blue Man Group.

Using an average cell phone, audience members have the opportunity to opt-in to receive an interactive stream of text messages that tie in directly to Blue Man’s Megastar Tour 2.0 live show.

Upon entering the venue, you’ll be prompted to sign up for Mobkastr. If you choose to participate, you will receive a series of text messages when the time is right in the show. The messages are meant to engage, entertain, make you laugh and add layers of storytelling that, they hope, will deepen the live experience. The platform is optimized for SMS text messaging to assure a broad audience, but can also support audio, image and video delivery.

You can capture a photo with your cell phone or digital camera and upload it to the gallery to become a virtual megastar. You can sign up for a few preview Mobkastr messages.

For something completely different, here’s a visualization of the website links at

Colors by Numbers is a light installation in Stockholm. Anyone can color the lights by calling 070 – 57 57 807 or going to the project’s website.

There is a ton of Smartphone software and dozens of J2ME Freeware applications. Textually has more on SMS while Biskero has more on mobile Flash apps. Other great mobile application websites include Open Gardens, S-60 Applications, MobileCrunch and Mogmo.

With Opera on a cellphone or PDA, you can create advanced mobile AJAX applications for news, weather, e-mails, sports results or bus schedules (how to). It enables you to integrate the phone’s local applications with online content.

By storing an AJAX application on the mobile phone and allowing XML-communication with a Web-server, the traditional bandwidth constraints become less of an issue.

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