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Widgets Live (schedule) is the first GigaOM conference, in San Francisco. Michael Arrington says Widgets are popping up all over.

Widget platforms today work on websites (see Google Gadgets and WidgetBox) or the desktop (see Yahoo Widgets). Yourminis is the latest entry to the web-based widget desktop space currently lead by Netvibes, Pageflakes and Protopage.

SpringWidgets (above) is a Fox development that works on Windows platforms. Their widget library mostly showcases Fox content from IGN.com, FOXSports.com and MyFox local station sites.

Portland startup Splashcast (Blog) is a clean, simple system for publishing channels of video, photos, audio and text via RSS feeds to a totally resizable, skinless Flash player, says Mike. Winners of the Flash Lite Application contest supply inspiration.

Microsoft has a widget platform that will work on the Vista desktop and also on live.com pages. But no one has created a single widget platform that works on most websites as well as the desktop. That’s what SpringWidgets is launching.

Om Malik also introduced today their third blog, IPNetworked, which joins their flagship site, GigaOM and Web Worker Daily.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, November 6th, 2006 at 12:26 pm .

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