Hiwire Moves on Mobile TV

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Hiwire has selected RRD USA to deliver an integrated DVB-H solution for mobile television. Hiwire will launch its DVB-H mobile tv service in Las Vegas later this year.

RRD USA is a subsidiary of Italy’s RRD Reti Radiotelevisive Digitali, which provides extensive business and technology DVB-H experience with a track record in delivering scalable DVB-H services in Italy. Hiwire says the partnership will offer an integrated solution that incorporates “best-of-breed” components from various hardware and software manufacturers.

Hiwire utilizes Aloha Partners’ 700 MHz UHF spectrum covering 80 percent of consumers in the US in the top 100 markets throughout the United States. Aloha’s 700 MHz frequencies includes two UHF channels; 54 and 59.

“Our partnership with RRD allows us to build upon their previous experience and to integrate solutions from various world-class DVB-H vendors to maximize the consumer’s experience of viewing Hiwire enabled mobile television on cell phones and other wireless devices,” said Scott Wills, President and COO of Hiwire.

RRD is the first company in the world to have launched the mobile TV for 3 Italy, owned by Hutchison Whampoa. RRD will operate a DVB-H Service Centre which allows it to monitor the digital broadcasting network 24-7, managing the convergence between broadcast and mobile. 3 Italia launched nationwide services in May 2006, with both Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) and Mediaset in June 2006. The service is currently uses LG U900 & Samsung SGH-P910 mobile phones.

Hiwire joined the Mobile DTV Alliance, an open industry consortium that promotes best practices and open standards (specifically DVB-H) in North America.

DVB-H is largely based on the successful DVB-T specification for digital terrestrial television, adding to it a number of features designed to take account of the limited battery life of mobile devices (using time-slicing), and improve mobile performance (using forward error correction).

Modeo also plans to utilize the DVB-H standard on their spectrum at 1.6 GHz. Crown Castle will launch the Modeo mobile TV service in New York City before the end of the year.

The third major mobile television competitor in the United States, the proprietary MediaFLO system, was developed by Qualcomm. It uses UHF channel 55, which Qualcomm now largely owns, coast-to-coast.

Both Sprint and Verizon will use MediaFLO in the US. Verizon’s VCAST mobile TV service may use the Samsung U620 phone while Sprint’s VUE trial in Kansas City and Las Vegas is using Samsung M250.

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