Fight for the Right (of 3.5GHz)

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Industry veteran Dale Hatfield was named chairman of a federally-chartered panel assisting the Bush administration on spectrum reform.

“Dale Hatfield’s expertise, seasoned judgment and unquestioned integrity make him the obvious choice to chair this important committee,” said John Kneuer, head of the Commerce Department’s , National Telecommunications and Information Administration and overseer of the advisory committee.

The Spectrum Management Advisory Committee will attempt to better utilize the nation’s dwindling spectrum resource. The committee grew out of a 2003 Bush spectrum policy initiative.

Hatfield, a former FCC Chief for the Office on Engineering and Technology, is an independent consultant and adjunct professor in the University of Colorado Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program.

Hey Dale, how about providing U.S. businesses and consumers with 3.5 GHz for WiMAX?

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Most major economies in the world support 3.5GHz. How necessary is 3.5 GHz jet fighter fire control radar in the United States if other countries use the same band without problems. Who are military contractors targeting? Beltway lobbyists may even find that they can make more money and provide more services to the military with a freed up 3.5 GHz band. If that’s the problem.

And, BTW Dale, who benefited from the AWS auction? Not alternative carriers. You owe us one.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 at 1:40 pm .

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