Ten Wireless Companies to Watch

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The Seattle Times reports that an IDC study highlights 10 small mobile companies — with three of them in the Seattle-area.

The Seattle-based companies are Bothell-based Dexterra, Bellevue-based GoGoMo and TeleNav, which has its marketing offices in Bellevue.

The companies that IDC chose as emerging players to watch for 2007 are:

  1. Dexterra (mobile enterprise software and tools)
  2. Firethorn (mobile banking)
  3. GoGoMo (peer-to-peer marketing tool )
  4. GrandCentral Communications (A phone number tied to you, not to a phone or location)
  5. InnoPath (Mobile Device Management solutions)
  6. iSkoot (make and receive Skype calls on your mobile)
  7. JumpTap (mobile search)
  8. mFormation Technologies (Mobile Payments)
  9. Sonic Branding Solutions (provider of mass market wireless and internet games)
  10. TeleNav (location-based services)

IDC said the 10 companies have four broad strategies or attributes: companies looking to create new markets and industry sectors using new or existing capabilities; companies developing new ways to address customer and industry needs; companies that see market challenges in terms of business opportunities; and companies that have the potential to both grow and play larger roles in the broader mobile industry over time.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, January 4th, 2007 at 2:42 pm .

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