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The Yahoo! Go 2.0 Beta is a new mobile application that allows users to connect to email, news, and photos. It works with a variety of carriers and phones

The free 597KB download, when installed, lets users scroll through the different widgetized menu option using what Yahoo calls a carousel, a preview of the section displays overhead or to the side, depending on screen size.

WebWorker explains:

With a click of a button, you are brought to the section and instantly connected. Everything Yahoo is at your fingertips here. Use One Search to search for anything online, including images and movie showtimes. View maps, city guides and what happening around you with Local and Maps. Pull in emails with an easy to use synced email inbox. Create personal news feeds. Track favorite sporting teams with sports headlines and tickers. Pull in a finance watchlist, market summaries, and financial news feeds.

Yahoo is competing with Google and Microsoft for advertising revenue linked to Internet content delivered over mobile phones. Yahoo’s software largely dispenses with trying to format Web pages into versions readable on a cell phone’s small screen, instead letting users enter search queries from Yahoo’s network of sites.

Yahoo Connected Life vice president Marco Boerries joined Motorola president Ed Zander to unveil cellphones that “bring the internet to your phone, not the other way around”.

Boerries expected over 400 cellphone models to be compatible with Yahoo Go by the end of the year. Among the hardware makers working with Yahoo were Nokia, Samsung and BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion, Boerries said.

Zander showed off new Motorola cellphones that will have the software built in including the MOTORAZR V3xx devices (right) and the Linux-based MOTORAZR maxx V6. They feature one-click access for easily connecting to the internet.

And then there’s this:

A few minutes after we had ordered our dinner at Mehfil Restaurant in San Francisco’s SOMA district, Scott Rafer, chairman of Orlando, Florida-based MyBlogLog, checked his Blackberry Pearl, and broke into a smile. An unusually intense man, it was an unusual sight to see him smile. He typed out his response, and asked his lady friend to press the little Pearl to send the email. “It’s done,” he said, referring to the sale of MyBlogLog to Yahoo.

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