“Back in the nineties, we had all these kids in black T-shirts who came and told us, ‘You guys are flat-earthers, you don’t know anything, we’re in tune with the future.’ Well, those guys crashed.” — Pat Schroeder, Association of American Publishers

Newspapers are beating broadcast TV stations at their own game, reports Editor and Publisher.

According to a new study from Borrell Associates, newspaper Web sites are capturing more than 50% of streaming-video advertising dollars. Newspaper Web sites netted $81 million in locally spent streaming-video advertising while local TV Web sites took in $32 million in 2006.

“Print media are using the Internet as a crossover platform to tap traditional TV advertisers,” analysts wrote in the report.

Admittedly, the spoils are small with the local video advertising market pegged at $161 million in 2006. But it’s a growing form of advertising. Borrell projects that in five years, local online video advertising will surpass $5 billion — representing more than one-third of all local online advertising.

The New York Times and Monster, a job-listing site, announced today that they plan to form an alliance to share brands on the newspaper company’s career sites.

Last November, Yahoo reached a deal with seven newspaper chains to integrate the company’s HotJobs search technology and Google signed a deal to sell advertising space in 50 newspapers, including The New York Times.

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