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Microsoft Research TechFest, March 7-8, at the company’s corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington, provides a showcase for Microsoft researchers to connect with the broader group of Microsoft employees and product managers.

Hundreds of researchers from Microsoft’s worldwide labs in China, England, India and the US come together to exchange ideas with colleagues, show off their latest innovations, and shine a light into the future of computing.

Microsoft opened up the first day of TechFest to about 300 outsiders, allowing customers, partners, government officials and reporters to get the first look at dozens of projects cooked up by the company’s 800-person research unit. On Wednesday and Thursday, the event will be opened up to Microsoft employees, who will get to see the projects shown publicly as well as others that are not being displayed Tuesday.

More than 100 Innovations for the Future of Computing are being demonstrated.
Demos include:

  • The “World-wide Telescope,” which aims to allow a PC to perform an almost infinite zoom on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The software draws on tens of millions of digital images that are part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and other sources, such as NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.
  • InSite Live! analyzes the organization of a site based on a technique called Link Structure Graph (LSG). It uses information about the groupings of navigational links on individual pages—such as menus and clusters of links that refer to pages with related content—to identify subsites and their prominent topics.
  • The Speech Group at Microsoft Research Asia, has been working on a project he calls Relaxed Internet Video Exploration and Discovery, to bring Internet video to the masses.

Be sure to check out all the videos and photos.

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