XO Expands Backhaul

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XO Communications launched wireless broadband service this week in Seattle. Seattle’s launch expands XO’s wireless backhaul coverage to eleven major metropolitan areas across the United States, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa and Washington, DC.

XO said it will deliver the service through affiliated company Nextlink Wireless, which owns local multipoint distribution system spectrum in 75 metro markets. From the wireless hubs deployed in the Seattle metropolitan area, XO can provide these services to qualified line-of-sight locations within a range of up to 11 miles.

“This expansion of our network is part of our continuing focus to provide businesses with innovative high-speed network services and alternatives in the wake of a consolidating telecommunications industry,” said Paul Merritt, XO’s general manager for the Seattle market.

The coverage is initially available in downtown Seattle, but the company may add hubs that will reach across the Seattle metro area to include Bellevue, Kenmore, Lynnwood, Redmond and Renton, as well as Kirkland—the home of wireless broadband provider Clearwire.

XO is one of the largest holders of fixed wireless licenses in the 28 GHz-31 GHz spectrum covering more than 70 U.S. major metropolitan markets. XO owns “the lion’s share” of A-band 28 GHz spectrum in the United States, as well as some B-band spectrum.

First Avenue Networks (above) bought out the radio spectrum assets of bankrupt of Advanced Radio Telecom (at 39GHz) and Teligent (at 24 GHz) and now has 24/39 GHz licenses throughout the United States with deep coverage in 77 metropolitan areas.

Tower operators Crown Castle and American Tower, which previously created a joint venture in FiberTower, have merged with First Avenue Networks in a deal valued at approximately $1.5 billion. First Avenue operates a “last mile” broadband wireless system in the 24/39 GHz bands.
FiberTower will own 51 percent of the combined entity and have an installed base in 12 markets with more than 1000 sites

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