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Suddenly everything old is new again.

Remember when Dell dropped the Axim PDA? Now Dell is now getting into Smartphones, says Gizmodo.

The renewed interest in cellphones may have something to do with the arrival of Ron Garriques, who used to head Motorola’s mobile division. The move could intensify competition between Dell and Apple, both of whom will be computer makers branching into the cellphone business, says Electronista.

They’ve contracted Quanta Computer—which incidentally supplies Dell’s laptops as well—to build them a smartphone for launch in Q4 2007, says Gizmodo.

There aren’t many details to be found, but “sources” claim that it’s codenamed “Fly” and will have Windows Mobile 6, HSDPA, and possibly a QWERTY.

The Dell Axim p150 is rumored to go on sale in September – October of 2007.

Dell had a steady stream of new devices until the fall of 2005, when the Axim X51 series came out. Many believe Dell’s Axim X51v was the best Pocket PC ever. All it needs is a Mobile WiMAX chip. The Axim Site and Axim Users have more.

Meanwhile, Intel hopes the newly announced McCaslin platform will lower the price point of UltraMobile PCs to around $500 (or less).

Intel’s Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform features a simplified, embedded Linux operating system and smaller 4″ to 6″ touch screen displays (800×480 to 1024×600). A Stealey dual-core processor runs at 600MHz to 800MHz with WiFi, Bluetooth and broadband wireless connectivity also included.

The footprint for the Linux-based operating system will be around 512MB and will be manageable with just 256MB of main memory. Intel pegs cold boot times at 20 seconds, resume from hibernate at 10 seconds and resume from standby at 5 seconds.

The $400 Nokia N800 web tablet (review) allows portable web browsing and email access. The Devicescape service also automates logins to enable your web tablet to connect automatically to your favorite hotspots.

High Tech Computer (HTC) is now manufacturing Google handsets with shipments expected at the end of 2007, according Digitimes. Google’s handset will support Texas Instruments’ 3G and EDGE chips, and will feature built-in G-mail and Google search. Mobile WiMAX, it might be assumed, could follow in 2008.

Broadband wireless interoperability looks like a done deal. Except for the DOJ, of course.

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