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Recently, at IDF Beijing, Intel introduced its 2007 ultra-mobile computing platform called Menlow. Targeted for 2008, Menlow contains a new 64-bit processor with clock frequencies near 2 GHz, DDR2 memory running at 400MHz or 533MHz, solid-state NAND flash memory and discrete graphics processing.

Menlow will have twice the life of current devices, reaching up to 6 hours of regular use and 10.5 hours of standby.

This year, Intel’s 2007 Ultra Mobile platform for MIDs (Linux) and UMPCs (Windows) is expected to be available over the summer from Aigo, Asus, Fujitsu, Haier, HTC and Samsung.

Now, reports DailyTech, Intel has announced the next generation after the 2008 Menlow — Moorestown. By mid 2009, Moorestown devices are expected to consume 20 times less power than devices available in 2006. Intel says Moorestown devices will be able to last a full day’s of mixed productivity and leisure activities — approximately 24 hours.

Moorestown combines CPU, GPU and memory controller functions into one chip. AMD’s Fusion also plans to integrate these funtions, for both mobile devices and desktops.

Intel will also be making Moorestown available as a single core or dual core system utilizing DDR3 memory. Despite having internal graphics, Intel is expecting that Moorestown will outperform Menlow’s graphics by 50-percent. Menlow is aimed at mobile Internet devices and includes a new processor called “Silverthorne”, which will be built on the company’s 45-nanometer Hi-K manufacturing process.

Moorestown’s CPU will be 50-percent smaller in size than Silverthorne and consume roughly 50-percent less power. Moorestown will be just as if not more capable than Menlow with Mobile WiMAX, hardware accelerated 3D, HD video decoding and other features.

Meanwhile, Samsung is launching the new improved Q1 Ultra (above) for $799, today. It features a “minimum” 4.5 hour battery life, an LED backlit 1024 x 600 screen and a split-QWERTY keyboard.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini forecast the market for UMPCs and “mobile internet devices” will be worth $10bn in chip sales to Intel in 2011.

Intel will launch “Santa Rosa” laptops on May 9th. They include updated “Merom” CPUs, an 800MHz front side bus, “Turbo Flash Memory” (code-named Robson), Intel’s G965 core logic, and 802.11n support. The “Santa Rosa” notebooks will be sold under Centrino Pro and Centrino Duo brands.

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