Wi-Fi Safe Panties

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Isabodywear, a Swiss garment maker, has a new line of briefs with threads made of silver, notes Engadget, which the company claims will fend off harmful cellphone radiation.

Some 4,000 pairs have been created so far and may sell for CHF29.90 ($24) apiece when retailers start stocking. Textually has more solutions for the paranoid.

Nike, are you listening?

The World Health Organisation has done studies on WiFi and reported no evidence of Wi-Fi harming people. The cellphone industry denies it, of course.

Britain has their panties in a twist over the health risks of Wi-Fi. Britain’s top health protection watchdog is conducting a formal investigation into the hazards of using WiFi in schools amid mounting concern that they may be damaging children’s health.

Radio Lab looks into The Placebo Effect (MP-3). Hear the story of Dr. Albert Mason, who found he had super-powers, used them for good, and then lost them forever.

Franz Mesmer (1734 – 1815) discovered what he called “animal magnetism” and others often called mesmerism. He produced an “artificial tide” in a patient by have them swallow a preparation containing iron, then attached magnets to various parts of the body.

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