New WiFi Distance Record?

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Broadband Reports notes that researcher Ermanno Pietrosemoli has set a new record for the longest Wi-Fi link: 238 miles (382 kilometres). Pietrosemoli used a combination of Intel gear and “off the shelf parts” to connect two computers in the Andes. He recorded 3Mbps connectivity between them.

In Venezuela last year, a 167 mile link was obtained using a Linksys WRT54G and satellite dishes (pdf). An earlier 2003 record of 192 miles (310km) was made by Swedish scientists between a balloon and an Earth-bound station.

A 2005 record of 137 miles between two terrestrial links beat a 125 mile record made a few months earlier. But the 137 mile link was not based on standard 802.11 wireless technology. Instead, they used proprietary radio technology from Trango. The companies used PacWireless 2-foot dishes.

On July 30, 2005, the iFiber Redwire team, during DefCon in Nevada, recorded a 125 mile long shot using stock Wi-Fi gear (and satellite dishes). One half the team drove a trailer loaded with equipment to Utah Hill, near Beaver Dam in the state of Utah. Their comrades were located southwest of Las Vegas at the top of Mount Potosi.

They used surplus 12 foot satellite dishes, home-welded support structures, and a couple of 300 mW, Z-Com s XI-325 radio cards with a power output of +25db and sensitivity of -84db (at 11 Mbps).

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