Wireless News Stand

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Here’s great idea from Design On Deadline.

The news window measures 14″ by 11″, which is the approximately screen dimensions of a standard 17″ monitor. A mini Mac drives it. Just about any computer can run a slideshow.

With AppleScript, Scott Walker, Assistant managing editor, The Birmingham News trained it to get the daily news.

Spectra-txt, a sculpture by Peter Freeman, is 10 metres high and changes color when sent one of six special text message commands. Textually has more Cell Phone Monuments.

People can borrow an umbrella or leave it at a “RainDrop” located at participating businesses. Dutch Umbrella was inspired by the bicycle-sharing program in Amsterdam, and has signed up eight merchants as sponsors.

A Motorola RFID tag is inlaid in the handle. Dutch Umbrella periodically dispatches an employee with a handheld reader to visit business sites and identify each umbrella. This information is later loaded into software developed by Concept2 Solution. Merchants can then pinpoint the areas from where the customers came and target those particular areas for advertising and promotion. RFID umbrellas might help the merchants and patrons, but it needs rain. Perfect for cities like Portland or Seattle.

Perhaps municipal WiFi networks (like Portland’s) might utilize WiFi/RFID tags — they can be “read” with using ordinary WiFi hot spots and a central Cisco 2700 Wireless Location Appliance. That could reduce theft, lower costs, and increase the total number of data points. Many object to that sort of tracking, of course.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 at 11:23 am .

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