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Verizon Wireless announced it will carry Motorola’s MOTORAZR V9m, an EVDO-enabled phone with tactile feedback. It will be in stores in September at $299.99 after $50 mail-in rebate — and a fresh two-year contract.

The phone will be equipped with a 2.0 megapixel camera and access to Verizon’s music download service. It’s also got a Highspeed USB 2.0 for sideloading songs you didn’t buy from the carrier’s service — a real breakthrough for Verizon.

AT&T might beat VZW to the punch with an August 24th shipdate, notes Gizmodo. Later in the day, Sprint announced the MOTORAZR V9m would be available August 22, two days earlier than AT&T, and offer it for $250, $50 less than Verizon’s price. T-Mobile is expected to get on board, too. That would make Motorola’s V9m available through all four major carriers in the United States.

But you’ll have to buy a new phone if you switch carriers.

Not that it would be so difficult to enable portability in the United States. The MOTORAZR V9m uses Linux OS so a variety of applications may be available — if the carriers allow it.

The LiMo Foundation, established in January of this year, is developing a common platform for mobile handsets. The six founding members include Motorola, NEC, NTT Docomo, Panasonic, Samsung and Vodafone. It aims to create the “world’s first globally competitive, Linux-based software platform for mobile devices.”

Motorola’s RAZR2 V8 is based on a new Linux-based software stack dubbed “MotoMAGX.” Motorola plans to aggressively market third-party development tools. MOTOMAGX supports applications developed in Java ME, with plans to introduce new WebUI (featuring web technology to enable widgets and Web 2.0 experiences).

Java ME has become a popular option for creating games for cell phones, as they can be emulated on a PC during the development stage and easily uploaded to the phone, explains Wikipedia.

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