Ubiquiti Breaks Distance Record

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Ubiquiti Networks, an innovator in low-cost indoor/outdoor broadband wireless solutions, announced the general availability of the XtremeRange3 this week.

The UXtremeRange3 is available in three different models with frequency operation spanning 2.7GHz to 3.7GHz. The company says it’s the world’s first 3GHz 802.11 Atheros based mini-PCI radio module incorporating Ubiquiti’s patent-pending Frequency Freedom Technology. Ubiquiti says it works on the 3.65 GHz Unlicensed Wireless band with Contention Protocol.

The XR3 was specifically designed for long-distance, outdoor broadband wireless applications and features high output power (400mW), extended temperature operation, and an innovative receiver design, which provides excellent noise immunity and sensitivity performance.

The high power radio is available with the Atheros Linux MADWIFI driver. Ubiquiti says it can transform existing 802.11 based products into market-ready 3GHz solutions by simply changing out the mini-PCI radio. The XR3 leverages a variety of advanced features including scalable channel bandwidths of 5/10/20/40 MHz, compression, and 256-bit AES security.

Ubiquiti Networks also announced this week a new world distance record for a 5 GHz WiFi link. A distance of 304km (189 miles), was achieved using Ubiquiti’s XtremeRange5 High-Power mini-PCI radio and 35dBi 5 GHz parabolic dish antennas.

The link extends from Sardinia to Central Italy achieving data-rates of about 5Mbps. The Italian Center for Radio Activities (C.I.S.A.R), an association founded by a group of Italian radio amateur operators, oversaw the project.

The link spans far over the sea and is impossible to realize without a high sensitivity card. To make this link possible, we chose the Ubiquiti Networks XR5 card because we get the best signal sensitivities and, because no other card currently available on the market can achieve same results. The alignment of two 35dBi antenna at 304km (189 miles) is a very difficult and complicated technical endeavor, but with Ubiquiti Networks XR5 it made this simple without additional devices. This saved us a lot of time, expense, and resources.

It allows ham operators on Sardinia Island to stay in touch with their community on the Italian Peninsula. After successfully inter-connecting the whole Italian country with analog FM repeaters, we’d like to realize a new wide-band digital network, to connect all Italian ham radio users to each other and to other services (Echolink, ATV, dstar, etc…) provided by our associations. This link was particularly important, because in the event of an emergency, it will provide communication on help the authority.

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