Early iPhoners Get $100 Store Credit

Steve Jobs apologized for disappointing early adopter iPhone customers and said that anyone who bought the Apple cellphone in an Apple or AT&T store, who isn’t eligible for a rebate, can receive a $100 Apple store credit. Mr. Jobs said further details will be posted on Apple’s Web site next week.

The move, announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in a letter posted on Apple’s Web site, was meant to assuage the bitterness early iPhone users began to express following Apple’s announcement Wednesday that it was cutting by $200 the price of Apple’s $599 iPhone.

Apple’s new iPods don’t have a phone built-in. The new media players include the iPod nano (starting at $149) on the left, the iPod classic (starting at $249) in the middle, and the 8 Gig iPod touch (starting at $299), on the right. Apple is killing the original 4GB iPhone but while supplies last it’s only $299 at the Apple Store.

Apple probably cut the price “to reduce the disparity between the iPhone and the iPod Touch,” says electronics analyst Ross Rubin with researcher NPD. The 8-GB Touch sells for $299, half the 8-GB iPhone’s original price. Rubin says many cellphones are heavily discounted, although the cuts usually come from cellphone carrier subsidies instead of manufacturers.

Of course you could wait for a Nokia Tablet with WiMAX.

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