Cellular Off the Hook as Bee Killer

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Recent claims that mobile phone signals may be responsible for the decline in honeybee have apparently been quashed by research.

A three-year scientific study conducted at U.S. universities has uncovered a virus which is thought to have come from imported bees and royal jelly and then spread through apiaries, causing the death of the bees.

Colony Collapse Disorder has been responsible for the deaths of between 50 and 90 percent of commercially managed bees in the U.S. alone. The disease paralyses bees so they then die outside the hives. In April Landau University in Germany suggested that the mobile phone signals were confusing bees and leading to their death.

An organism called Israeli acute paralysis virus of bees was found to be strongly correlated with the disorder. The research also suggested factors such as the practice of transporting bees in closed trucks may put the bees under stress and make them more likely to contract the virus. The next step in the research is to infect a sample of bees with the virus to see if it is definitely to blame.

Meanwhile, people should avoid using Wi-Fi wherever possible, the German government has said, because of the risks it may pose to health. It vindicates the questions that The Independent has been raising over the past four months, says The Independent. DSL Reports has more WiFi weirdness.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, September 10th, 2007 at 9:17 am .

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