TrainFi: One Million Served

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The leading provider of Wi-Fi on trains, Sweden’s Icomera, has notched up its one millionth customer, reports the UK’s PC Pro. It is now adding 23,000 new users a week for the internet access services it provides in Sweden and the UK.

GNER, which runs the East Coast Mainline in the UK, introduced on-train wireless in 2004. Internet access is served by a combination of satellite and 3G technology linked to hotspots in each carriage.

Coming this December, when GNER’s licence passes to National Express, Icomera can expect even more customers. That’s because National Express plans to provide free access to all its passengers.

Nomad Digital was the first company in UK to trial WiFi on board trains and the first to trial WiMAX as a backhaul technology for trains. It’s used by Virgin Trains and was trialed by Caltrain. It combines Redline backhaul with Nomad’s mobility software.

4G Metro, wireless network operator for the Trinity Railway Express in Dallas/Ft Worth, has selected Nortel WiMAX and Colubris WiFi for the first end-to-end broadband wireless service offered by a major U.S. public railway.

A Communter Rail project serving Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin and Wilsonville in Oregon will open in fall 2008. The railcars are self-propelled units, which won’t require a locomotive engine or electrical wiring (pdf). The 30 minute trip will likely carry Intel employees working on WiMAX projects. No wireless is planned (yet)

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