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DEMO, now in its 17th year, is a biannual conferences known for seeking out and showcasing important new technologies. C/Net, InfoWorld, Information Week, PC World and Webware have coverage. Network World interviewed five great companies from the first day of DEMOfall 07 (video).

DEMOfall 07, formerly DemoMobile, is taking place September 24-26 in San Diego, CA,. It will showcase 69 carefully vetted products and services to an audience of investors, business development executives, media and pundits. The products are

  • 360desktop, Pty Ltd.; Victoria, Australia; – extends the Windows desktop metaphor into a Web-enabled, 360° panorama,
  • Advanta; Spring House, PA; – small business credit cards
  • AgendiZe; Grapevine, TX; – make ads and sites actionable
  • Apprema, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA; – Web 2.0 collaborative email and payment solution
  • Attendi, Inc.; New York, NY; – People search that connects users to chat
  • BatchBlue Software, LLC; Barrington, RI; – a contacts management system, a communications management system and a task management system.
  • CashView, Inc.; Palo Alto, CA; – a cash-management servic
  • Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.; Redwood City, CA; – instantaneously protect consumers as they bank and shop online
  • ClipBlast!; Agoura Hills, CA; – VideoWebSearch Widget
  • coComment; Geneva, Switzerland; -helps people discover great conversations on the Web.
  • CodaSystem France S.A.; Paris, France; – legally-valid digital pictures with a simple mobile phone
  • CornerWorld; Dallas, TX; – Social network will allow individual creators to put a price on their content.
  • Digital Fountain; Fremont, CA; – full-screen, TV-quality experience
  • Diigo, Inc.; Reno, NV; – integrated suite of online research and social tools
  • DimDim, Inc.; Burlington, MA; – free and open source Web meeting service.
  • earthmine, Inc.; Berkeley, CA; – geospatial data mine of the urban environment
  • EncryptaKey; Cypress, CA; – focus on the end-user as the foundation for secure business and consumer information exchange.
  • Exalead, Inc.; New York, NY; – search engine that adapts to you for all online activities
  • FastCall411, Inc.; Hollywood, CA; – integrates artificial intelligence, VoIP and parallel dialing
  • Fluid Innovation, Inc.; Austin, TX; – a prediction-market community
    Fusion-io; Salt Lake City, UT; – storage architecture based on high-density NAND
  • Generate, Inc.; Maynard, MA; – Toolbar dynamically extracts information about companies, executives and events
  • Glam Media; Brisbane, CA; – suite of proprietary ad serving technologies, providing relevant brand ads
  • Global Communications, Inc.; Houston, TX; – enhances delivery of content 3-dimensionally
  • Global Mobile Technologies, LLP; San Francisco, CA; – Push-It Alert email, news feeds, auction notices, enterprise applications to the screen
  • Graspr, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA; – “how to” videos created by ordinary people
  • iForem, Inc.; Redwood Shores, CA; – digital archiving for enterprises/businesses
  • InstaColl; Bangalore, India; – Live Documents provides a “software-plus-services” application experience
  • Jasper Wireless; Sunnyvale, CA; – a single cellular network that devices can connect to inexpensively from several different countries.
  • kannuu, Inc.; Dallas, TX; – mobile search with Partial Word Completion
  • LiveMocha, Inc.; Bellevue, WA; – language learning
  • LogMeIn, Inc.; Woburn, MA; – remote desktop software can support smart phones
  • LongJump; Sunnyvale, CA; – online catalog of applications and community-driven marketplace
  • matchmine, LLC; Needham, MA; – connects you with media you’ll love
  • MetaRADAR, Inc.; San Bruno, CA; – Media Masher
  • mig33; Burlingame, CA; – carrier and handset-agnostic global mobile community
  • MotionDSP, Inc.; San Mateo, CA; – FixMyMovie is a consumer video site that dramatically improves videos uploaded from mobile phones, digital cameras and webcams.
  • mSpoke, Inc.; Pittsburgh, PA; – Adaptive Personalization Engine intelligently filters huge amounts of information to combat information overload.
  • MuseStorm, Ltd.; Yahud, Israel; – Content Engagement Platform
  • Myndnet; East Palo Alto, CA; – an information marketplace that uses the knowledge of its community members to answer questions posed by businesses.
  • Myxer; Deerfield Beach, FL; – Widget turnS photos into cell phone wallpaper or songs into ringtones
  • Ncursion; Carlsbad, CA; – builds entertainment and media applications exclusively for the Facebook Platform.
  • PeopleJam, Inc.; Los Angeles, CA; – Portal for lifestyle advice stocked with experts and life coaches
  • Phreesia, Inc.; New York, NY; – a tablet-based, touch-screen, wireless computer
    PlanHQ; Wellington, New Zealand; – helps businesses create, action, track and achieve their business plan.
  • Prolify, Inc.; Waltham, MA; – gives continuous visibility into the actual work being done
  • Propel Software Corporation; San Jose, CA; – Personal Bandwidth Managment
  • Proxure; San Luis Obispo, CA; – self-publish and share your video content
  • Pudding Media, Inc.; San Jose, CA; – uses voice recognition to build a platform for ad sponsored free calls
  • Quire, Inc.; Mountain View, CA; – one-stop online solution to start, manage and complete any project
  • Qumranet; Santa Clara, CA; – desktop virtualization product
  • Real Time Content, Ltd.; Ipswich, England; – Adaptive Media platform delivers video and audio that dynamically changes to match the interests
  • RedSquare Ventures, Ltd.; Moscow, Russia; – mobile music entertainment service allows users to collectively listen and re-mix music
  • RelevantMind, Corp.; Berkeley, CA; – collaborative product research tool.
  • SceneCaster; Richmond Hill, Canada; – Web-based 3D room builder
  • SpaceTime; New York, NY; – free consumer PC application enabling searching, shopping and browsing in an unlimited 3D environment
  • spigit; Pleasanton, CA; -measures interactions and contributions on social networks
  • Sway, Inc.; Middleton, WI; – Web 2.0 marketing tool using social media formats such as RSS feeds, podcasts, SMS text messages and widgets
  • Talari Networks, Inc.; Cupertino, CA; – speeds up enterprise wide-area networking for cheap.
  • Trovix; Mountain View, CA; – online career service that intelligently matches working professionals with the best job opportunities
  • Truphone; London, England; – voice/text services on mobile handsets
  • Tubes Networks, Inc.; Boston, MA; – blended Web + desktop approach makes it faster and easier to share, publish and distribute content
  • Tungle Corporation; Montreal, Canada; – quickly and easily coordinate meetings with anyone
  • Vello; Mountain View, CA; – the conference that calls you
  • Vitarati, Inc.; San Luis Obispo, CA; – enables Web-portals to provide their users with contacts, information and services relevant to the user
  • Vyro Games, Ltd.; Dublin, Ireland; – Personal bio sensor connects to game on a mobile phone
  • WMS Gaming; Waukegan, IL; – Updated casino games
  • Your Truman Show, Inc.; San Francisco, CA; – embeddable application that enables users to organize, share and discover videos across social networks
  • Yuuguu, Ltd.; Manchester, England; – instantly share your computer screen in real-time with anyone, anywhere—for free.

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