Disney Kills It’s Cell Service

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The Walt Disney Co. is shutting down its remaining mobile virtual network operator, Disney Mobile, as of Dec. 31,2007, reports RCR News.

The company announced this morning that it would dismantle Disney Mobile (wikipedia) and would explore “a new business model for its content and services that might include offering its popular Family Center product through a partnership with a major U.S. carrier.”

Disney’s former Mobile ESPN MVNO now exists as an application available through Verizon Wireless. The company pulled the plug on Mobile ESPN after less than a year of operations; Disney Mobile launched in June 2006, and runs its service over Sprint Nextel Corp.’s network.

Disney Mobile advices on their website;

If you want to retain your wireless phone number and transfer it to another wireless carrier, we encourage you to sign up for service with the other carrier before November 30, 2007. This will ensure there is adequate time to transfer your phone number. You should not terminate your Disney Mobile account until your new carrier successfully transfers your wireless phone number.

Disney had a unique and useful cellphone service that could track your Kids.

At least five companies — Wherify Wireless, Guardian Angel Technology, Disney Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint have built-in G.P.S. tracking. The super-simplified Wherifone ($100), for example, is intended for very young or old customers. It has no number pad. You can program three of its four speed-dial buttons to dial Mom, Dad and Gramps, for example; while the fourth button can bring up an address book containing 20 more numbers.

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