EZ Wireless Deploys 60 GHz for DOJ

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BridgeWave Communications has announced they have deployed Gigabit Ethernet wireless links to enable faster speeds at lower costs for the State of Oregon’s Judicial Department.

The Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN) traditionally linked 70 remote sites to its network backbone using a multitude of traditional leased-line T1s.

Network expansion from applications like public Internet kiosks in Oregon’s courtrooms, led to an evaluation of high-speed networking alternatives. After researching different wireless technologies, the OJD determined that only Gigabit wireless could deliver fiber-like performance, reliability and security without costly, recurring fees.

They evaluated BridgeWave’s AR60 product, a GigE link that operates in the license-free 60GHz frequency range. The bridge also includes a unique AdaptRate™ feature, which momentarily switches from GigE to 100Mbps transmission to ensure continuous operation during intense downpours. Using BridgeWave’s link analysis tool, the OJD determined “five nines” network availability was achievable for the one-mile link.

Aided by ezWireless, a Portland, Ore.-based provider of broadband wireless technology solutions, the OJD selected a “double hop” configuration that linked their Network Operations Center with the state’s Public Services building a block away. That then connected to the fiber hub at the Supreme Court.

EzWireless says 60GHz links are the most economical 100Mbps and GigE links that can be deployed at distances of up to 1.5 miles. They are license-free, yet are virtually interference-immune.

The bandwidth increase improved customer support, enabling the OJD to restore a remote desktop in less than five minutes. The future-proof solution also scales easily to meet growing capacity requirements.

EzWireless knows a thing or two about networking. They designed and built a mobile, secure, broadband and web-based network covering 700 square miles in Eastern Oregon which enabled local fire & police departments in seven cities, parts of three counties and two states.

EzWireless created a new sophisticated system called, Incident Response Information System (IRIS) to allow first responders and emergency management personnel to have accurate, mobile information in real-time as they respond to any emergency.

Fred Ziari (above, right), owns Hermiston, Oregon-based IRZ Consulting and EZ Wireless. Experienced in bringing wireless technology to irrigation, he began talking with community safety managers about how technology could be used to better plan for managing any emergency that might occur at the Umatilla Chemical Weapons Depot in Eastern Oregon, where munitions are stockpiled and incinerated.

For more than 3 years, police, fire and emergency medical personnel in Hermiston, Boardman, Lexington, Heppner and other cities in Eastern Oregon and Washington state, have been using the WiFi network to file reports, search databases, and communicate complex information between offices and field personnel.

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